Deep Green is a boutique cannabis advisory firm.  We  bridge the gap between cannabis businesses and the services they require, from genetics consultation to branding and marketing. We have built and maintain relationships with many cannabis culture and business leaders, and leading cannabis companies.

We offer expertise in a number of areas such as branding, marketing, logistics, and genetics. 

We enjoy thinking outside of the box. Cannabis as an industry is still evolving rapidly and we are always mindful of where we are going as well as where we are and able to help you do the same.


Experienced team of professional managers, agents, designers and cannabis experts. Customizing business solutions with unique connections and licensing opportunities. We have experience with both small and large scale projects. Additionally,we are a cannabis genetics provider as well as provide research and development. 

Clients and Partnerships

Earthdance Global

Humboldt Seed Company

Maui Cannabis Guild

Sticky Finger Seeds

The Happy Crop Shoppe

Ganja Goddess

Legacy Organics

About Us

Deep Green Genetics

Deep Green Genetics is an elite network of long-term seed collectors and breeders.

Deep Green Genetics is division of Deep Green Agency as well as a collaborative brand with Sticky Finger Seeds.

Deep Green on Earthdance Medicine Wheel

Deep Green hosted several panels featuring cannabis luminaries and talks during the Earthdance 2020 Co-Manifestival live-stream event. Check out Earthdance.TV to watch the replays of the panels which covered topics ranging from health and beauty to social justice and legal reform.

Deep Green Festival

Deep Green has its foundations in 2011 and has held five events since then. Held in San Francisco on Earth day weekend; these events helped to set a standard in the still young US cannabis industry for bringing together people and businesses through information, entertainment, and activism.

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